Book Count - Day 3.5

Never got around to taking a tally this morning, and now the day is almost over. If 100% of the books I'm expecting actually show up and are usable, I'll have roughly 600 books. I can't count the books my friends, family, and even complete strangers are collecting for me in other cities til I actually receive them.

So basically, I have no idea how many books I'll have this Friday. Will I come up short when the smoke clears, or will I be ahead of my goal and have extras for next year?

I took an inventory by grade, and I'm pretty well distributed across all the grades. Miracle.

This week I'll hit thrift stores in Macon and Atlanta. It's going to be a crazy week. And can you imagine the packages arriving from around the country? I'll take pictures when the books come rolling in mid-week.

For now, I'm cross-eyed... and taking the evening off.

OH! For my veggie friends... you know it's bad when I don't have the energy to post Tuesday's CSA loot... Friday's fresh strawberries... and today's take from the first Athens Farmer's Market of the season. I know you feel incomplete without seeing my groceries; fear not, I took pictures.

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