Book Count - End of Day 2

I hit every Athens thrift store. BookMooch members came through in a big way. I bought large book lots on eBay but the quality is uncertain. I have promises of books from friends and family but no idea how many books that will be, or for what ages.

So the book count is complicated today. Let me break it down for you:

200 Books I've Recieved
130 En Route, from BookMooch members
50 En Route, from eBay (books I know to be good)
150 En Route, from eBay (massive lots of unidentified childrens books... but dirt cheap!)

If every one of those books arrives on time, is in good condition, age-appropriate, and deemed acceptable by the school, I could have as many as 530 books. Can you believe that? In less than 48 hours.

BUT: to be safe, I'm assuming only half of the dirt-cheap eBay lot will be usable, and that 20 of the BookMooch books won't get here in time. So in my head, my "real" count is 435.

Today and tomorrow my focus will be on double-checking the age ranges for the books, to make sure there's no class that's under-represented. It would be quite a bummer to have 800 books on hand, but none appropriate for 5th graders, wouldn't it? I'll also tally my spending; hopefully I'm still in the < $.50 per book range.

I've grabbed all the low-hanging fruit. The remaining 400 books are going to have to come from friends, out-of-town thrift stores, or some other place I haven't thought of. Any ideas?

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  1. Contact Scholastic Books...they might make it a way so they either donate or make them very inexpensive.


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