Hurry up and wait!

The suspense is killing me, but all I can do right now is hurry up and wait. Books are crossing the country via US Mail and there's not much I can do til they get here.

I struck out at the Goodwill bookstore in Macon. My budget doesn't allow $1.99 per book! But, Mary H. left a box of books at mom's house and when I got home, another box of books AND 1,000 pencils were sitting in front of the garage door. Thanks Mary & Leigh!

Today, a new development I never saw coming: a couple of BookMoochers are searching for books on their own, using their own points to mooch the books, then having the books shipped to me. Wow. Once again, I'm blown away by the kindness of strangers.

Here's hoping some books start arriving in the mail today; surely by tomorrow?? The suspense is killing me. I'm nervous... excited... hopeful... thrilled.

While we're waiting, here's a sad-but-hopeful piece of news for you: I started the summer satchel program last year after learning about a second-grader at Alps Elementary who loved to read but didn't own a single book. She loved her summer satchel! That sweet little girl is now living in a homeless shelter. But she's getting 3 meals a day, which is an improvement and will help a lot.

She hopes to be a pediatrician. She doesn't know the odds are stacked against her. I want to change the odds. Clearly a lot of you do, too.

It matters... keep the books coming.

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