I Want My House Back... NOW.

It's still hard to move around our house because there are books everywhere. One of the Summer Satchel supporters wrote that she hopes I'm resting up now that it's all over. I wish! Here's what's up:

- I'm posting books on BookMooch that the school didn't think they could use for whatever reason; trying to get my "mooch ratio" back in shape just in case they won't give me a charity account. Also posting the grown-up books that donors included with the childrens books.

- I'm sorting out books in bad shape. The unsalvageable ones are being recycled; those with a little life left will go to Salvation Army. And childrens books have a habit of getting sticky, so I'm cleaning some that were too sticky to hand out.

- I'm entering my inventory on Library Thing, to make it easier for the schools (and me) to keep up with what I have. It also gives me a gauge on which books are good; award-winners, highly-rated, etc.

- I'm writing (and writing... and writing...) thank you notes. And I know that some of you are going to fall through the cracks and not get one due to poor record-keeping on my part; I just hope to be forgiven!

- I'm breaking down boxes, recycling bubble wrap & brown paper, sweeping up packing peanuts, washing clothes, and trying to re-establish order at home.

- I'm slowly but surely adding a 5-page wish list from Alps to my Bookmooch wish list, so I can mooch throughout the year.

- I'm mulling over all sorts of ideas... moving my "summer satchel" posts to a separate blog; starting a Facebook group; putting together a Christmas satchel program; thinking of other ways to get books into the hands of kids who have none.

And finally, I'm planning to COOK DINNER tonight, for the first time in 2 weeks. Last night Bayne and I had Pringles & Goldfish for dinner! It's been rough here, folks. While I was buried in books, I was also swamped with Overview Commission work.

So... Summer Satchel Supporters: send me your ideas on what kinds of programs might expand our book-sharing reach, where I might look for book donations, where I might look for grants or funding. And thank you all for your support!


PS: I have to admit: I also have a stack of kids books I'm planning to read. There were no takers for Island of the Blue Dolphins (criminal, I know!) so I'm reading it myself. It's just as good as I remembered!

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