Shout out to BookMooch members!

A special thanks this morning to all the BookMooch members who have come through for the Summer Satchel project. Members have donated credits so I could mooch books, and members with books have given me 2-for-1 deals so my credits would last longer. A few are just mailing me free books and not asking for credits. Wow!

I've got 40 books coming from BookMooch so far, and I haven't even finished ordering. I'm so grateful for all the support - from complete strangers - and it will be fun to tell the kids how far some of the books traveled to reach them.

Thank you, BookMooch members!

June, 2010 Update: By the time the book drive was over, BookMooch members had contributed hundreds of books. A final count is impossible. Point donations, 3 for 1 deals, free books... I'm amazed. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

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  1. You asked for How to Steal a Dog. I will send it tomorrow with some others...Not all will be brand new, and some have Mitzman or Naylor staped on the top and inside cover as they are from my classroom library. Good luck.



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