Still counting....

I think the book tally will have to wait til Friday or Saturday. My intentions are good; my time is non-existent. But last time I forecasted, I had good distribution across grades and was about 200 books short. Since then I've had promises of more books, neighbor donations, etc so I'm hoping it works out in the end.

Here are today's highlights:

The bags arrived! (Thanks Aunt Linda!) And my camera batteries died, so I couldn't take pictures. I received about 15 packages in the mail, another neighbor donation, and Gail shopped the Sandy Springs thrift shops and scored 40 more books. Bird has books waiting at her office. Lori has books waiting at her office. Bayne has books waiting at his office.

AND: I created labels to put inside the cover. Sadly, I can't photograph them either but will get a picture up soon; they're so cute. They've got the usual "This Book Belongs to:", plus in small print at the bottom, the first name, city & state of the person who sent it.

Well, in the interest of full disclosure.... I have waaaaay too much on my plate to keep up with the name of each person who sent each book. So I record the first name, city & state of every book I receive, then print labels later and put them on whatever book is handy. Close enough!

I took 125 books to Alps today; books I didn't know how to categorize, so the librarian is going to help. Finally, couldn't resist stopping by Goodwill now that I know where the workers stash the new books. 12 more books....


  1. That made me laugh. Excellent system!

  2. Melany, I would love to help! Are there any specific books you still need? Or anything else I could do?


  3. You are 'crazy' organized! Kim and I need you to open our...'you hate to re-organize your files, so let us do it' business! I'm so impressed Mel! Way to go.

  4. Hey Green gal - I have actually considered making it a business but I'm so Type A I'd drive my clients crazy. For you, and Kim I'd do it for free, just for the pleasure of your company!


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