Summer Satchel Program is kicking into high gear...

Remember last year's "Summer Satchel" program for Alps Road Elementary? The school decided to continue the program... on a much larger scale. 400 students, Pre-K through 5th grade!

So far my contact at Alps has 1 book for every child, and plans to include a journal, a pencil, and a library card application for each child. My aunt is donating the bags.

But seriously: is ONE BOOK enough to keep a child occupied for a whole summer? I think not. It's progress, but it still leaves me sad. I'd like each child to have three books. Yes, that means I need 800 more books.

So far I have an abundance of Pre-K, 1st & 2nd grade books stacked in my closet. But I need chapter books for 3rd, 4th & 5th graders. Help me! Some popular series that have been mentioned:
  • Magic Treehouse
  • Junie B Jones
  • Nancy Drew
  • Diary of a Wimpy Kid
  • Goosebumps
  • Spiderwick Chronicles
  • Wrinkle in Time
  • American Girl
Got books, but don't live in Athens? Mail them to me! The post office offers a discounted rate for books; just ask for the Media Mail rate.

Even if you can't buy or donate a book, think about these options:

1) If you're a member of PaperbackSwap or BookMooch and would be willing to donate points, let me know.
2) If you're willing to find & obtain free books from Craigslist or Freecycle in your area (and you're somewhere near central/north Georgia) I'll find a way to get the books. I've got Athens covered.

Finally: If you'd prefer to make a donation, I buy most of my books at thrift stores and average about $.50 per book. Give me a dollar, I'll turn it into 2 books. I've even turned to eBay, where I'm finding entire sets of chapter books for pretty good prices.

Twelve days... 800 books. It's gonna happen, and I hope you'll help!

PS: I also need 800-1200 new pencils, 400 sharpeners, and 400 erasers....


  1. Mel, is there a preference between mechanical pencils and regular pencils?

  2. I'll ask about their preference, but the answer is usually "we'll take anything we can get". If you have unused pencils, I'll take them!

  3. Ok here's the verdict on mechanical pencils: the kids love them, but the school rarely gets them because they cost more. So if you have mechanical pencils and lead refills you can supply, they are most welcome!


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