Suggest Me to BookMooch !!!

Still no word from BookMooch about whether they'll grant Books for Keeps a charity account. I looked at some of the other charities, and it doesn't appear that I have to be a registered, incorporated non-profit. Hopefully no news is good news, but....

Will you send BookMooch a suggestion on my behalf? Please mention that I already applied on Books For Keeps behalf. Click here, then go down and click the last link, "Suggest".

In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at the first draft of a banner for the blog! (Don't worry, I haven't lost sight of what's most important... I'm only spending $35 on the banner.) We're making some edits & hopefully it will be up soon. But I think the images of the children with their books captures the reaction I see when I hand out books to kids.

Don't get so caught up in banner excitement that you forget the task at hand: tell BookMooch you support Books for Keeps and would like it to be granted a charity account.


  1. I would love to post your banner on my website to encourage others to donate books. Do you have an html code for it?

  2. I am the senior author of the paper about giving children from low-income families books to keep. We gave our books away on the final day of school. we did this because our earlier work had shown poor families have few books and providing them with books gets those kids reading. We gave 12 books away each year for three years to kids who began the study in 1st and 2nd grade. Our outcomes showed gains on the state reading test that was as large as the gains made by attending summer school! So praise to Books for Keeps and I hope everyone begins to think about putting books in kids hands, especially over the summer months.


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