A New Way You Can Help!

A great way you can help Books for Keeps, even if you don't have children's books:

If you or your friends/family are buyers of recent adult best-sellers, we'd love to have them when you're finished! (Cookbooks and gardening books are great, too.) Paperback or hardback, either is fine. I trade adult books to used book stores where I get credit that counts towards 50% of my purchases of kids' books. I also post lighter-weight books on swap sites for points I then use to get children's books.

My used bookstore credits are running low at a time when I need to buy more books than ever. The middle school and high school lists are going to be challenging. I hope you'll consider giving me your grown-up books. And tell your friends, book club members, and families.

If you have books, I'll figure out a way to get them. Just send me an email. givethembooks@gmail.com

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