Smashing that first milestone!

It's only the first week of August and we have enough books on hand to give 3 books to every child at our first elementary school, Alps Road Elementary! I'm speechless. I open my mouth and all that comes out is thankyouthankyouthankyou!

So here we are with 9-ish months left in the school year... and 13 more elementary schools full of kids who would LOVE to become book owners, many for the very first time.

Am I crazy to hope we could collect enough books this year to cover every elementary school in Clarke County? Probably. All I know is I can't imagine a home without books. A summer without books. A day without books.

Instead, I'll imagine kids skipping home from school for summer, backpacks bulging with books that are theirs... for keeps.



  1. Melaney - this is terrific! And it's such early days, too...records are made for smashing! Do you know what school will be your second?

  2. I'm meeting with someone from the school system this week; one of the items on the agenda is to come up with a method for prioritizing the schools. Will update everybody later this week because I'll know a lot more then!

  3. I think you are completely crazy for taking this on, completely crazy for wanting to add more and more schools to your list, and completely WONDERFUL for doing it despite the craziness of it all. I grew up surrounded by books and literally get tears in my eyes when I imagine a child having no books. It's just so sad, I want to do all I can to change that.


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