The Calm Before the Storm

Things are about to get really crazy around here. With every new opportunity comes a new responsibility... and those responsibilities will hit hard in the coming days and weeks. Here's what's happening:

Piedmont College Event:
Books for Keeps was invited to set up a table at the Piedmont College Community Service Fair. It's going to be a pretty bare table! Sometime between now and Thursday I've got to pull a brochure out of thin air or this will be a wasted opportunity.

Athens Banner Herald Article:
Unless breaking news prevents it, Books for Keeps should be featured in the Athens Banner Herald this week. Tightening up the blog is a must; wouldn't want new visitors to feel lost.

A New, Ongoing Donor!
Thanks to Donna in Atlanta, Foster Care Support in Alpharetta will be donating excess books every week. Key words: Alpharetta, every week. I've got to figure this one out in a hurry. Volunteers?

Book Drive:
I've lined up the drop-off locations for the October book drive. Now I've got to get drop-off bins, have them decorated or labeled in some way, line up volunteers to pick up the books every few days, find a place to store and sort the books, find volunteers to help sort the books, find or buy boxes/bins to store the books in.... all in the next 3 weeks. I'm gonna be honest: I'm scared I won't get it all done. Time will tell.

I'm honored to be speaking to the Athens-Clarke County Family Resource Coordinators and the employees of First American bank in Athens. But what exactly will I say? And wouldn't it be nice if I had a couple of slides or brochures?

I'm in over my head. Waaaay over my head. I never expected Books for Keeps to get this much attention. But I'd be crazy to turn down any opportunity that leads to more books, wouldn't I?

Friends and family, expect to hear from me soon. I need help, and I need it fast!


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