A Few Special Needs

Updated Mon Sep 13th

I'm freaking out.
Just a little. Or maybe a lot.

Books for Keeps is getting a lot of attention these days, and opportunities to collect more and more books are piling up. After an evening of serious reflection (a.k.a "fear-induced paralysis") I've concluded I absolutely, positively cannot move forward without help in some critical areas.

Here are some special needs brought about by the recent surge of interest in Books for Keeps. Can you help?

Drop-Off Location Monitoring
Multiple businesses around Athens, Watkinsville and Winder will serve as drop-off locations for our book drives in October and November. Someone must retrieve books from each location as the bins fill up. Can you adopt a location in either October OR November? Just check in every couple of days. If the bins are full, collect the books. Update: DONE - thank you volunteers!

Packing Containers
We need a serious supply of sturdy, stackable storage containers to hold all the books til we distribute them in spring. I stopped using random cardboard boxes because they don't stack well. These plastic bins work great but I can't afford to purchase more, so I'm looking into stackable cardboard boxes. Can you donate - or find someone else to donate - a large number of storage containers? Update: we still need help!

Book Sorting Volunteers
If all goes well, Books for Keeps will collect so many books that I can't possibly sort them by myself. No special skills are required to sort books, just a willingness to show up a few times in October and November to help out. Media Specialists are also needed to help review middle- and high-school books for content appropriateness. Update: See out Volunteer Opportunities page.

Temporary Workroom Space
Do you have a large, temperature-controlled, critter-free room in Athens where volunteers could deliver, sort, and pack books in October and November? This is a critical need. My garage is simply not big enough. Update: Thank you, Whatever It Takes, for the temporary space!

Thursday Alpharetta Pick-Ups
Foster Care Support in Alpharetta has offered to donate books on a regular basis IF someone can retrieve the books every Thursday. So far volunteers are covering two of the four Thursdays each month. Can you adopt a Thursday? Just stop by and retrieve the books, then hold onto them til we make the rounds to pick them up. Update: we're covered and even have an emergency backup person - thank you!

Communications Support
A talented communications resource could probably blink and make a tremendous difference to Books for Keeps. Collection bin signs, brochures, bookmarks, articles/blog posts, Facebook posts, Tweets... It's one thing for me to write a blog, but quite another to create a compelling sign or brochure. Help! I'm begging you.... Update: this will be an ongoing need but we especially need help for book drive prep.

Give it some thought folks. If you can help, send Melaney an email at givethembooks@gmail.com.


  1. I sooooo wish I lived closer to you! I would LOVE to help out in the day-to-day stuff, the collections/sorting/etc. Dang the miles that seperate us!

    Is there anything else us "distance helpers" can do for you?

  2. Heather, you do so much already! I need MORE people like you to keep sending books and keep spreading the word. But yes, I wish you were closer too; I'd put you to work so fast your head would spin!


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