It's crazy here.

In the last 24 hours I've written copy for a bookmark, revised our collection bin signs, lined up more collection site volunteers, discussed tag lines for a Whatever It Takes print ad, logged and sorted 100+ books, developed a sorting strategy for our media specialist volunteers, finalized our book drive partners & obtained logos, written a summary of needs for our Volunteer Management crew, researched book storage methods, started the planning process for a GreenSchools book drive, discussed 501(c)(3) options and processes with several people in the know, helped a good friend's mom start a book drive in Atlanta, started a presentation for a school meeting...

.... and completely ignored my husband and everybody/thing else in my life.

There's not enough of me to go around, even with my new BookMooch volunteer moochers. (Thanks Kay, Mary & Katherine... I'm terrified of the day the avalanche of books arrives!)

I sure hope this effort pays off. I'm using the power of positive thinking to foresee books by the truckload being donated during our book drive. Send your good vibes our way too, please!

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