We still need your help!

I've updated my earlier post "A Few Special Needs". We're making progress but still need help. A few highlights:

We sill need volunteers to monitor 3 downtown book drop locations and one in Winder. All of the other locations have been adopted - hooray!

We've made no progress on sturdy, stackable bins/containers for book storage. This is getting scary and will crush me if I have to pay out of pocket to purchase them all myself. If you know anybody in a position to donate (or deeply discount) stackable book boxes or plastic bins, please help! The random cardboard box method doesn't work; the boxes don't stack evenly and the boxes end up falling over. It's not a pretty sight.

And now for some good news: did you know that UGA offers a class "Volunteer Management"? I sure didn't. But they've contacted me and offered to help manage all the book drive volunteers. Once again, the kindness of strangers astounds me. (Thanks Lewis & Whatever It Takes, for spreading the word to these folks!)

I'm also actively exploring the 501(c)(3) nonprofit situation. It's going to take some time, effort and funds. I'll keep you posted.

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  1. Melaney, have you considered contacting one of your local grocery stores to see if they will donate empty milk crates? In one of my library jobs, we had to transport a large number of books during an emergency situation, and Kroger's lent us the crates. In your case, maybe a store or two will donate some permanently. Good luck!


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