Inventory Update: 4,581 (sort of....)

Today's inventory: 4,581 books! BUT: that doesn't count the 10-15 boxes of unsorted, uncounted, uninspected books that have piled up from recent donations.

Whatever It Takes has offered me two rooms to sort and store books, so I've started dropping off all new donations there. We'll have a big sort day and figure out a new inventory count.

But for now... here's what I have in my closets, dining room, and garage:

1,198 Beginner (ex: Dr. Seuss, Little Golden Books)
709 Chapter Books, level 1 (grades 1-2)
492 Chapter books, level 2 (grades 2-4)
406 Chapter books, level 3 (grades 3-5)
908 Middle/High school
167 Junie B Jones
142 Captain Underpants
363 Goosebumps
51 Diary of a Wimpy Kid (check it out!!!)
145 Loose (all levels, counted but not sorted)

That's a lot of books, folks. But not nearly enough if we're going to eradicate the nasty Summer Slide. Clean off your bookshelves, then tell your friends!


  1. My next box for Books for Keeps has two Goosebumps, two Junie B's and a Capt. Underpants (plus other stuff) When I find them at a yard or library sale, it's like winning a little Lottery!

  2. Wooooah. Awesome! (and I'm soooo glad you are getting help with storing and sorting them!)

    Alexa, it IS like winning a little Lottery! There's a thrift store around here that constantly seems to have new Juni B's and Magic Treehouses, every time I go. It's so fun!


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