Favorite Books: South Jackson Elementary Garden Club

The Garden Club at South Jackson Elementary school in Jefferson, GA is a group of fourth and fifth graders who are "branching out" (pun intended) into community service. I get to meet them tomorrow; they want to hear about Books for Keeps! In the meantime, they were kind enough to share a list of their favorite books.

At the top of the list, for both girls and boys: Diary of a Wimpy Kid. (If you're surprised by that, you haven't been reading this blog for long!) The rest of the books are in no particular order and many of them are series books. Here goes:

South Jackson Elementary Garden Club Favorite Books, Past & Present:
Diary of a Wimpy Kid
Dear Dumb Diary
City of Embers
American Girl
Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry
Percy Jackson & the Olympians
Wait Until Helen Comes
Scary Stories (series)
Harry Potter
Captain Underpants
Marvel Superheroes
The Wish Giver
Junie B Jones
I Spy
A to Z Mysteries
The Cat in the Hat
Babe & Me
Mickey & Me
Jackie & Me
No David
Auntie Claus
Amber Brown
Judy Moody
Spiderwick Chronicles
Books about dogs, Miley Cyrus, and football

Thank you, SJE Garden Club, for sharing your favorites with us!

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