How to Hold a Books for Keeps Book Drive

Holding a Books for Keeps book drive can be as simple as putting a box in your garage or office and sending an email to let folks know it's there. You'll be surprised how many books you get, but we're happy whether you collect 25 books or 2,500 books.

For larger book drives, we can help with communications and logistics if needed.

Regardless of size, we'll provide printable signs and logos, and messaging to include in an email, Facebook post, newsletter or other bulletin.

We hope you'll consider holding a book drive soon, whether large or small. Contact us at givethembooks@gmail.com.

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  1. Hey Melaney!
    My daughter Annie would like to collect books at her 12 th birthday party and send them to you. Please let us know which ones you woud like. Let us know the simplest way to get them to you as well. Thank you, Holly


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