Adopt a Stop! Thrift Store Leg # 2 - Atlanta

The Books for Keeps Thrift Store Tour is underway!  Our goal: 5,000 or more books for $.75 each or less. See the top right side of the page for a running count on our progress so far.

There are nearly 200 possible stops on the tour... can you "adopt a stop" so that I won't have to skip any of them? All it takes is $50 - my average purchase last year. Just click the Donate button on the top-left side of the page; in the memo line tell me which stop you'd like to adopt. Or send a check to PO Box 49761, Athens, GA 30604.

Next up: Atlanta.  The Atlanta thrifts are part of why my average purchase is so large... I find many, many books at Atlanta Goodwill stores.  This is going to be fun!

Thrift Store Leg # 2: Athens to Atlanta

This is a two-day trip covering the northeast part of metro Atlanta.  (Still working on dates for the rest of Atlanta.)

Tues June 19th - Weds June 20th

1. Winder
   - Goodwill (Dean F, Athens)
2. Buford
   - Goodwill Hamilton Mill (Jeanine R, Athens)
   - Goodwill Buford Hwy (Leigh N, Athens)
3. Johns Creek
   - Goodwill (this is a big one - somebody please adopt it!)
4. Roswell
   - Goodwill (Rama V, Atlanta)
   - Salvation Army (Jennifer G, Athens)
5. Sandy Springs
   - Goodwill Johnson Ferry (Lori H, Atlanta)
   - Goodwill Perimeter Center (Lori H, Atlanta)
6. Atlanta
   - Goodwill Roswell Rd. (Emilie F, Atlanta)
   - Junior League Nearly New (Leigh S, Atlanta)
   - Goodwill, Northside (Leigh S, Atlanta)
   - Salvation Army, Marietta St.
   - Goodwill, Buford Hwy.
7. Duluth
   -  Goodwill
   - Salvation Army
8) Lawrenceville
   - Goodwill

Sneak Preview: Leg #3 - Eastern TN and Western NC
June 26 - 29

I'm picking up 10 boxes of books from the Sacred Heart school book drive in Knoxville and staying with one of my oldest friends.  What a great excuse to hit the thrifts in eastern Tennessee! And I'll take a different route home, through western North Carolina.  Adopt a Stop, and help make this leg possible.

1. Cleveland TN - Goodwill
2. Athens TN - Goodwill
3. Lenoir City TN - Goodwill
4. Knoxville TN
   - Goodwill Kingston Pike
   - Goodwill Western Ave
   - Goodwill Schubert Rd
   - Goodwill Broadway
   - Goodwill 17th Street
5. Dandridge TN - Goodwill
6. Newport TN - Goodwill
7. Franklin NC - Goodwill

If my car isn't full, I'll loop through Asheville on the way home. If it is full, I'll head to Asheville the week of July 4th. That will add 8 more stops to the tour, and they're up for adoption too. 

Adopt a Stop! Click the Donate button at the top left side of the page,

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