Thank you, Target and Junior League of Athens

Last week was a busy one for the Books for Keeps bank account (sigh of relief)! We deposited $15,000 in book sale proceeds, bringing us halfway to the $30,000 we'll need for our May 2013 program.  We successfully sold the books we can't use for our youth program to fund the purchase of books the children want most.

As I was pondering where I could find the remaining $15,000, I learned Books for Keeps was awarded a $2,000 grant from Target, and a $1,000 grant from the Junior League of Athens.  I could get used to this!

The Junior League of Athens has been so good to Books for Keeps, and now they are getting involved in a bigger way.  In addition to their grant, they will hold book drives at each monthly meeting, AND contribute volunteers during our May book distributions. Athens children will benefit from JLA's generosity - thank you!

The Target grant was a pleasant surprise - there were surely tens of thousands of applicants, but Books for Keeps made the cut.  This is a big step forward for our program. Thank you Target!

We have 11,000 books in inventory so far, but we need 40,000 for the May program.  (Did I mention we're expanding to 2 new schools?)  $12,000 more dollars, 29,000 more books... and a self-imposed deadline of December 31st.  We've done the impossible before, thanks to help from our amazing supporters around the world. I hope we can do it again.


  1. Why Dec. 31st? When do you plan to distribute? Just curious.... :-)

  2. It's a self-imposed deadline based on a couple of different factors. 1) Complete and total terror at the thought of not having enough books by May 2) It takes us about 2 months of weekends to divvy up and box the books by school/class 3) Fire and Flavor, who donates our warehouse space, has a busy season that kicks in March 1, so we need to stay out of the way from March-June. So I am trying to get Books for Keeps in a routine of collecting all our books by December 31st and processing them by Feb 28th. Unfortunately, if I process/box books throughout the year, the early boxes miss out on great books that I buy later in the year. I tried that last year and it just doesn't work.

    I doubt I'll really get it all done by Dec 31st, but I am going to try my hardest, for the security of the program AND my sanity!


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