Student Feedback #1: Graphic Novels

The students have spoken!  We pored over our exit surveys, taken by volunteers from students in over 100 classes in kindergarten through fifth grade. One of the questions we ask the students every year "What would you like that we didn't have?"

One of the top 2 answers:  Graphic Novels

The good news: we know exactly which graphic novel series they want to read.

The bad news:  the majority of them are so far out of our price range, we have almost no hope of obtaining them, especially not in the quantities we need to satisfy 2,000+ students!

The list is short but sweet (although there are multiple titles in each series), and includes the lowest price available to us from our partners, First Book (FB) and Scholastic Literacy Partners (SLP).

Bone - Jeff Smith ($6.26, SLP)

Amulet - Kazu Kuibishi ($7, SLP)

Big Nate - Lincoln Peirce ($5.67, SLP)

Goosebumps Graphix - RL Stine ($5.69, SLP)

Bad Kitty - Nick Bruel ($2.99, SLP)

Babymouse - Matt & Jennifer Holm ($2.80, FB)

Fashion Kitty - Charise Harper($1.55, FB)

We try our hardest to stay at or below $1 per book when we purchase, although we occasionally hit the $2 range if a truly amazing deal comes along on high-demand titles.  There's just no way to get all the books we need if we spend more than that, so we have to sacrifice these super-popular categories completely.

Books for Keeps' history is filled with stories of impossible things that became possible when the right person came along and said "I am somebody, I can do something." So I'm throwing this out in the universe... we'll see what happens. Any ideas?

Stay tuned for more posts as we finish analyzing our students' feedback.   


  1. Not directly related to this post, but a couple of thoughts:

    1) You might put links on your website to Amazon not just for your wishlist, but for supporters to use whenever they shop Amazon -- you get referral money that can add up. (Apologies if you're already doing this -- it didn't look like it to me but I may be overlooking something.)

    I know you have a full list of your wishlists for the various levels, but is there someone who can make you an awesome print-ready, foldable wishlist for people to come here, click and print, and fold and put in their wallet? It would have to be tiny print, but I sure could use something like this so I always have it with me when I visit HalfPrice Books. I actually made myself a version, but it took me a while and of course it will be out of date quickly.

  2. Hey Amy -
    We are extremely short-handed now that I've gone back to work full time. I will add this to our "To... Someday" list. If the one you created for yourself is something I could post, send it to me and I'll use it! Right now I'm tabulating all the student feedback and will be posting it over the next week or so, so you might want to wait.

  3. Ok, I've updated the PBS list for Big Nate, Bone and Babymouse. Won't send any more Wimpy Kids. Hopefully the others will come in regularly. :-)

  4. Hi Melaney,

    Updated PBS list for Big Nate, Amulet, Bone & Babymouse. Deleted Wimpy Kid. Maybe these will come up more often.



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